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Idun ProptechOS

Manage data and application for your property portfolio with ProptechOS. It is the easiest way to get started using RealEstateCore and to transform your property portfolio into an application platform ready for optimization, analysis and new services.

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Idun ProptechOS components

We have developed a set of connectors that transform devices and data sources into RealEstateCore, and connect them to ProptechOS for secure two-way communication. Connectors have been developed to cover the most common traditional SCADA and Building Automation Systems, IoT Devices, and other data sources. New customized connectors can quickly be developed as needed to support your needs as you adopt the RealEstateCore edge message standard.

A knowledge graph and telemetry platform holds all the data ever collected from your properties into ProptechOS—from real-time to ancient history. This includes the digital twin of buildings, devices, and people and their states.

Idun ProptechOS also has a data import toolbox to make use of various troves of data you have already collected. This data can be accessed via a secure web API following the RealEstateCore standard or via a firehose-like streaming API.

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