Making the world’s buildings able inhabitants of the smart city

Ready to transform your real estate portfolio into a platform for innovation, analysis, and optimization? ProptechOS powered by RealEstateCore makes it possible.

More about ProptechOS
Idun helps real estate owners make the world’s buildings smarter faster. Powered by the capabilities of RealEstateCore, Idun ProptechOS enables you to unlock a host of smart building benefits. Like better sustainability, well-being, productivity, and business. Idun co-founded RealEstateCore and made ProptechOS to be the best way to use the industry leading open source standard. An operating system for your property portfolio.

As easy as 1-2-3

Getting started with ProptechOS is easy. An efficient three step process ensures you can start enjoying smart benefits almost straight away, and continue to see consistent results throughout the scaling process.

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Better real estate, better neighbors, better business

Leverage the potential of your own building data

By leveraging the potential of your own building data you can facilitate better building utilization, new customer services, and more efficient building communications. Greater overall wellbeing and productivity that everybody benefits from.

Evolve independently of proprietary systems

The days of compromise are over. Free from reliance on proprietary systems, real estate owners can connect their smart buildings to a shared marketplace of development and a host of new services and possibilities on a far larger scale—including the latest applications for energy, certification, utilization, and communication.

Scale the benefits

Building information processing facilitates integration and enables scaling beyond one unique building. When two or more buildings share the same language and operational efficiency goals, they can work together to create even more value. Smart cities benefit surrounding communities and are net positive for the environment.

Increase operational efficiency

Smart buildings have superior operational efficiency. Not only can they help achieve energy optimization for maximum comfort and sustainability in every space, smart buildings can even predict maintenance needs to avoid blackouts and sustain operations.

Your data belongs to you and Idun has no claim to it, neither for its own use or someone else’s. You access your RealEstateCore data via the ProptechOS API to use it in the analytics environment. If you decide to leave, you can take your data with you.


Introducing the ProptechOS Partner Program


Let us tell you about the ProptechOS Partner Program, it was created by and for the real estate industry using the open standard RealEstateCore. The program unlocks business value from the generated data with the help of new applications in combination with the ProptechOS platform from Idun.

W3C Building Topology Ontology and RealEstateCore official alignment


Building Topology Ontology provides detailed spatial information from BIM/IFC, while RealEstateCore adds language for facility maintenance, certification, and financial aspects etc. Valuable data flows more freely, formerly complicated system integrations become easier and more reliable, and building managers gain a consistent overview of building operations.

Digital Twin Consortium welcomes Idun Real Estate as a Groundbreaker


Non-profit trade association Object Management Group® (OMG®) with founders Ansys, Dell, Lendlease and Microsoft, today announced the formation of Digital Twin Consortium™. Digital twins, virtual models of a process, product or service that allow for data analysis and system monitoring via simulations, can be challenging to implement due to a lack of open-source software, interoperability issues, legacy systems, and high costs. 

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